Shipping Policy

ATT|RE ONLINE takes utmost pride in its policy making since all its policy is designed to benefit its Customers. Every transaction by a Customer is not a sale for us but it is an investment for us. That’s how ATTIRE ONLINE is able to build a Brand that is known for its Trust, Quality & Value!

Our Shipping Policy is extremely simple and we have endeavored to make it even more transparent. For your ease, we have made the Shipping Policy very ease for you to read and understand. Now, let’s pretend to talk to each other:

How will you send Sarees to me?

We deliver Sarees and all other goods across India. We have partnered with DTDC– you place the order at our Site and our backend team gets to work to prepare your order. Once it’s ready for shipment, we handover the packed shipment to DTDC. DTDC will deliver your parcel to wherever you are. They deliver to the remotest and tiniest corners of India so, we are very sure, your Sarees will somehow find you.

Sounds good. How much do I have to pay for Shipping?

Your shipping cost is calculated on the weight and size of each package including the product, the packing material etc. The shipping cost also factors in the country of shipment. Once you choose a product and add it to ‘My Cart’ and proceed to Checkout, you will be able to see the exact cost of shipping.

But what if I order 2 sarees of the same type – will you charge me double for shipping? How do you calculate?

It does not matter how many sarees you ordered. The shipping cost is calculated only on the factors mentioned above i.e. size, weight and destination.

What if I don’t like the saree when I receive it and want to exchange it – who will pay for the shipping?

It is very simple. If you are returning a Saree because of a damaged product, the cost of shipping shall be entirely ours. In the event, you are returning a Saree because you do not like it anymore or if you would like to exchange it, then the cost shall be borne entirely by you. It’s that simple! Please note however that any returns are subject to the product being in an absolute new condition and in the manner it was sent without the folds etc of the Saree being displaced. You can read more about it in our Exchange & Return Policy section.

Who bears the transit risk?

Once we handover your parcel to DTDC, we take no responsibility towards the same. We are more than confident that a global leader such as DTDC will surely be able to deliver your parcel. And yes, till date, they have never failed us.


Shipping charges on our products shall be mentioned at the time of check out. The said shipping charges are volumetric in nature and differ from product to product.


The said shipping charges are volumetric in nature and differ from product to product. The shipping charges are calculated on the number of products as well as the weight of all the products in your order. You can view the shipping cost as you added product in cart.